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The world can be a lonely place. Sometimes we have to pretend to be people we aren’t just to convince others to keep us company. I think that’s tragic, but it’s the reality of being a subnormal human. For some, our thoughts can be weird, and divisive. There are things we KNOW TO BE TRUTH, that others will never be able to see as fact. There are only so many times people can laugh at you for searching JFK Assassination every night, before you start to feel like a pervert for having an interest in the unexplained. When I met VERAformer in an IRC chat, I had a blast. Discussing the afterlife, ghosts, and other conspiracies, I finally felt like myself. I was ME, and I was proud of who I was, and the things that interested me. But still, I couldn’t be honest with my friends about what I searched for online. That night, VERRAformer and I decided to start coding ONISM1999. Glad to finally have a place for us weirdos to hang out.